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Ever feel so hot that you just crawl out of the shower, hair dripping everywhere, and sit around naked, barely tolerating even your own skin? Pores don't let enough heat through sometimes, and you just can't cool off.
I should be getting dressed for work. A smelly polyester blazer, an ill-fitted grey knee-length skirt, black tights, white collared shirt and a hideous polyester tie. My deodorant fails me halfway through the day, along with everyone else's. Can hardly wait until tonight. Cafe Tacuba concert at the Hollywood Bowl, and we got awesome seats. Hopefully we can weasel out of work an hour early, go home, shower and change and be there on time. Shit, better get dressed....

Rembrandt is the most awesome toothpaste....EVER!

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Just one more week!!!

Another day at Raging Waters tomorrow, then the new Harry Potter movie at night.

DVD time...

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Was supposed to work today...
Ended up just working an early tour. Got to work at 09:15 and left at noon, after promising to work 4th of July (which we were scheduled for anyway).
Last week I finally caved and bought a bunch of new clothing. Mainly from H&M and Forever 21. I got a weird dress-type thing and some necklaces and hair stuff at Forever 21 because we're going to a Cafe Tacuba (http://www.cafetacuba.com.mx/) concert at the Hollywood Bowl and I thought jeans and a t-shirt would be too blah. Then at H&M I got two pairs of knee
length shorts, just to be trendy, and a bunch of shirts I would have never worn in my life. It's time for some changes...no longer will I be T-Shirt and Jeans Girl!:-P
Anthony bought me some crazy looking slip-on shoes so now I have my black leather pilgrim looking shoes for work, my red Kangaroos, a pair of crazy tan, brown and orange Diesels, some red suede ballerina-type dressy shoes, white canvas shoes from Aero, flip flips from Aero, and classic black heels. That should cover all the bases and break my record of most shoes owned at once, ever!
Now, on to more things...
I'm sick of my digital camera. Very sick of it. To the point where I'm exposing it to otherwise very risky situations, where it could burn or break, just to get a cool shot. It's not a bad camera for the average user, but I've outgrown it and need/want a digital SLR. I was going to get the Canon Rebel XTi, but instead think I've decided on the Canon 5d.
Why settle for
"The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi offers an unbeatable combination of performance, ease-of-use and value. It has a newly designed 10.1 MP Canon CMOS sensor plus a host of new features including a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, the exclusive EOS Integrated Cleaning System featuring a Self Cleaning Sensor and Canon's Picture Style technology, all in a lightweight, ergonomic body. The Digital Rebel XTi is proof positive that Canon continues to lead the way with their phenomenal digital SLRs."
when you can have:
"The Canon EOS 5D offers advanced photographers a lightweight, robust digital SLR that uses Canon's superlative EF lenses without a conversion factor. Its full-frame 12.8 Megapixel CMOS sensor combines with Canon's DIGIC II Image Processor, a high-precision 9-point AF system with 6 assist points, and "Picture Style" color control to deliver images of superior quality with enough resolution for any application. With its wide-angle capabilities, 2.5 inch LCD and magnesium-alloy body, the 5D is the perfect addition to the Digital EOS line. "
See? I can have a FULL FRAME! sensor, for just a few (hundred) bucks more! Maybe I'll trade my car in for a camera ;-)
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I finally saw 28 Days Later on Tuesday after a long day at Raging Waters with friends. Anthony and I ended up getting the season parking pass too, and we ended up going back on Thursday so we've made good on the money spent for everything and the next trip will be completely free minus the gas it takes. We got to Raging Waters late on Tuesday but enjoyed almost every ride there minus High Extreme, which had a really long line (maybe 20 minutes). Aaron and Anne went with us and they accompanied us on Drop Out, which is a water slide that does just that. We all got killer wedgies. After the water park, Anne had to pick up her sister from the Metro station, so Aaron just met us at Anthony's and then treated us to Souplantation (soup and salad buffet) where we pretty much gorged on leafy greens and delicious soups. I think I've tried everything they serve there now. Onion-Tomato soup is really good...
After dinner, we watched a movie called Brick. Aaron brought it, and 28 Days over. Brick was good. I hadn't seen a movie that mentally stimulating in a while. After the movie, Aaron had to go home, so Anthony and I watched 28 Days Later, which was crazy scary! I had been waiting to see it, and now I can watch 28 Weeks Later...which isn't supposed to be all that great. Hostel II is next on the list. We watched Bridge To Terabithia last night and instead of killing the book for me like I thought it would do, it just became a whole separate experience. I enjoyed the movie for what it had to offer, including the adorable AnnaSophia Robb and cute Zooey Deschanel, and the acting wasn't bad.

Well, dinner's here...must feed...
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Going to Raging Waters (water park) in San Dimas tomorrow and Anthony and I are planning on a day at the beach this coming Friday. We got season passes to Raging Waters, since the deal (2 for $99) was too good to pass up. The season only lasts until October, but seeing as how the admission price is $35 for an adult ticket, and we plan on going at least twice, $50 for a season pass is nothing. I'm excited about the trip to Raging Waters because we're going with a couple friends and the place has a new ride where you can surf a continuous wave. I'm more looking forward to Drop Out because I'm crazy like that and enjoy the feeling of losing my stomach while flying off a water slide going straight down for 30 feet.
We got paid last Friday and went on a shoe shopping spree (because I desperately needed new shoes) and Anthony ended up getting a pair of Adidas running shoes and a pair of white Diesel shoes for $100 while I, the bigger bargain shopper, stuck with a pair of tan, brown and orange Diesel shoes (which aren't as hideous as the color combination sounds) and some brown and red slip-on type shoes (they're good for dressing up and they're made in Italy) and it only came out to $50 for me.
That's all for now.
Gonna go make myself a bowl of Malt-O-Meal with cocoa and watch South Park. BEEFCAKE!
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Just two more weeks, Gabby. Two more.

I kept telling myself that all day.

Anthony and I ditched out on English so we could get an early start on our Astronomy lab hours. We got four in today after maddening boredom! It's a good thing we had an Astronomy question packet and a tutorial to work on, otherwise I don't know what I would have done. I learned more than I ever cared to know about Ganymede! Now we only have five hours of lab to somehow finish between tomorrow and next Friday. We'll probably do three more tomorrow morning and two next week since that's the most we can do the last couple weeks of school.

I decided to leave Deviant Art earlier this month because it was just getting dull for me. I have a ton of stuff I could have submitted, but I didn't feel like scanning or taking pictures of any of it. The friends I have through there can keep in contact with my through MySpace or Multiply anyhow. I'm going to get an Etsy account also, just to sell some of my paintings. I've been working mainly in acrylics and my painting teacher gave out packs of free acrylics to a bunch of us since she's a representative for Liquitex, so I guess I'll have to keep painting in acrylics ;-)
Right now I'm trying to finish a 4 foot tall painting of Moo in time to submit it to the student art show at school by Monday. It's going to be a series of three paintings, so if anyone has any rabbit photos of face closeups, or jumps, send them my way please! I can't seem to get any good ones of Moo, as he's busy either chasing Anthony's cat for fun or humping his Winnie-the-Pooh toy. Either way, he's always on the move :-P

I went through MySpace the other day and cleaned up my list. I may have deleted several people without meaning to but they haven't mentioned anything, so it's just a well, right?

Class time!
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Went to Ensenada for two of my three real days of Spring Break. School just needs to be done with. I don't know why I even bother anymore...
Anyway, it was quite eventful and I have a lot to tell, normally. Except, I'm not very normal lately. I've been exceptionally mentally lazy. Sigh. We left for Ensenada at 5am on Thursday the 15th after going to sleep at midnight and waking up at 4am. We picked up my mom, dad and brother and were on our way until slightly before nearing Oceanside the tire on the Jetta blew. It made a noise, then I saw it roll off. Pretty neat. We're lucky nothing bad happened. So, while attempting to change for a spare, we found that Volkswagen cars have wheel locks. Guess what was missing from the kit? Yea, the stupid key. So, after a tow truck, several shops that weren't able to do a thing, and finally a Volkswagen dealership, a key was found, a key was bought, the spare was put on, and new tires were bought. So 7 hours later and $400 lighter, we made our way to Tijuana and eventually Puerto Nuevo for lobster, and Ensenada for our destination, Las Rosas Hotel & Spa. They have twin infinity pools right on the beach with steps leading down to the water and a pretty sweet hot tub.
So fast forward to next day, making our way to La Bufadora for some awesome blow hole action and dozens of touristy leather and dead sea creature shops to peruse through, we encounter a drunk driver. At 10am. He rode our ass for a few miles and we weren't able to lose him. It was the making of a horror film. We'd speed up, he'd speed up, we'd change lanes, he'd change lanes. I think he got bored when we weren't getting scared, merely annoyed. So that's all I'm writing about the trip.

Moo attempted suicide today.
I let him out into the yard to run around a little and he ran toward and jumped straight into the pond.
Did you know rabbits can swim? I didn't. Moo is a very good swimmer. The only reason I took him out so fast was because of the risk of water getting into his lungs and ears from the splashing. Rabbits are frail little creatures. I gave him a bath after the nasty pond water, wiped him until damp, and then he spent an hour cleaning himself further. Silly rabbit.
Anthony's mom has gifted him with a girlfriend. Now he not only has a small dog, a Pooh bear and a monkey in his pen, but also a white Easter bunny wearing a dress.
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Heh heh... HI!

Again I come back after a long break of writing about things. Which, if you're not an added friend, you can't read, mostly.

The school semester is nearly over for me. Finals week is this week. Anthony is kindly doing my art history take-home final, and I don't have Humanities at 9am tomorrow morning. Sleeping in isn't an option though, as we have a tour to work tomorrow and we have to be there no later than 10:45. I only signed us up for it because it's for my old high school. I'm hoping I recognize some of my old teachers.
I went to mass this morning with Anthony and his parents. I didn't think there was going to be any singing since the lady was sitting down looking sickly. Yet, without fail, the Lord's Prayer was sung like a Broadway tune, and I chuckled at the "Jesus Lamb of God" song in my head.
I'm about ready to quit the museum job. I'll stay until my year is up in February. For New Year's/ Rose Parade, they're having extra security at the museum for over 24 hours. Luckily, we took up two spots of the five or six available that were any good - 11:30-9pm New Year's Eve. Bwahahahaha! There's a 9pm-5am shift and a 4:45-noon, I think. Like hell we're doing either of those! I dislike the Rose Parade, and not even passionately. It's more like a festering disgust. Can't quite pinpoint the reason, but it must have something to do with elderly women, too many cats, and embroidery.
Ah well. I'm off to bed. It's cold and dark...
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I have nothing to write.
It's hot and my teeth holes hurt. Teeth holes because I got all four wisdom teeth taken out on Friday. Today was the first day I actually ate something that wasn't soup or yogurt or ice cream. Sunday was the first day I ate anything since Thursday night.
Pounds lost = 6
Pounds gained back = 1.5

Mexican Coke is delicious. It comes in a 12oz. glass bottle and is made with cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. It's expensive at $1.13 per bottle - more in some places! Anthony (bf) and I can get it for cheaper if we buy in bulk. I think we're going to.

We went to Tijuana and Rosarito several weeks ago. Then, on Friday the 25th, a day before my actual birthday, we went to Ensenada and Tijuana for my birthday. He was gonna take me to Disneyland, and it was gonna be a surprise, but then he told me last minute and I really didn't wanna go during peak tourist season (the last week or two before school starts). So, to Ensenada we went. We had seafood there. It was lovely, as was the weather, and the boat ride we went on. Tijuana was nice too. We over-eat in Mexico/Baja. It's so easy to do. The tacos are fresh and delicious and the Mexi-Coke you drink with your tacos has to be finished there so you can return the bottle.
There's this delicious apple drink called Manzana Lift. There are three flavors, as follows; Golden Apple, Green apple and Red Apple. We like the golden. I've never tried the other two. Anthony says the red one's not that good. I'll take his work on it sonce I'm not a fan of red apple. I do wanna try the green apple! We have to stock up on it next time we go to Tijuana. It's only sixty cents for a 20 oz. bottle! Sweeeeet...

Oh! They have Kinder Surprise Eggs down there! It was an amazing find and I was happier than a clam when I found it at a Smart N Final down there. I bought what seemed like way too many, but ended up being not nearly enough. Have to get more next time.

There's this ice cream shop in Tijuana that sells these odd flavors of ice cream. They have lettuce, gin and coconut, corn, among other weirdos and popular flavors. I need to sample them all. Gin and coconut is delicious, as was lime, lychee and jamaica (hibiscus flower stuff).

Off to class I must go now. There's drawing to be done! Then at 6:30, there's painting to be done until 9:20!
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I stole this from Mary, aka Devilicious on Deviant Art. It looked like fun. I'm bored. Fun is good when bored. Here goes...


Best Friend – Letitia Hernandez Martin... we were buds in Spain. She was so nice...as was her family.

Imaginary Friend – I gave my toys personalities, but never had an imaginary friend

Pet dog name – Emily. She was tied to a tree and abandoned for who knows how long. We found her, took her in for a bit and then found someone else to take her.

Piercing – ears when I was two weeks old. It makes me so mad :-|

Crush - a boy I used to play with all the time in second grade

CD – Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill

Car – 1988 Honda Accord hatchback. Cute and red and I miss it so much. Except when my new car works in situations when the old one would have died.

Kiss – some kid that was in daycare with me. I was in first or second grade, it was nap time, and another kid dared us to.



Time You Smoked: erm, hookah at a party about a week and a half ago

Food You Ate: a half-raw potato. Blech. I have a funny feeling in my mouth.

Car Ride: a quick trip to Blockbuster and back. (I rented Narnia and Hostel)

Movie: uhhh...I don't remember the last movie I saw

Phone Call: Mr. Jones! OMG! I hadn't talked to him in forever.

CD You listened to: Alanis - So Called Chaos

Bubble Bath You took: too long ago to recall

Fight: recently, about something retarded. Verbal, mind you.


Have You Evers:

Dated a Best Friend: a good friend yes, best friend no

Been Arrested: no *knocks on wood*

Skinny Dipped: Yea, it's thrilling!

Been on TV: yea, a couple times I was in the audience at a Mad TV taping and a Wayne Brady taping

Kissed Someone and Regretted It: yes

Been on a Blind Date: nope

Been out of the Country: I'm FROM out of the country


Now the numbers game:

7 weird facts/habits of mine

1. I wash my hands a lot. They sweat a lot and I hate it. Cold and sweaty hands - gross
2. I like to drive on windy roads
3. I yell at cars more than I yell at the drivers
4. I'm very opinionated and set in my ways, but I have a very open mind
5. Must always crack knuckles, wrists, knees, neck, back,toes and ankles. At least twice a day.
6. Ketchup goes good with anything in my world
7. I've never smoked cigarettes, and never will, but the smell calms me. I think it's because my dad used to smoke until I was 5 or 6. I find it comforting.

6 Things I've Done Today:

1.Went to school
2.Updated my iPod
3.Called some people I've been thinking about lately
4.Rented new movies
5.Ate far too many beans for lunch

5 Favorite Things:

1. Driving
2. Drawing
3. My job
4. Having the freedom to hang out with friends whenever
5. my car - V6...lovely power it has.

4 people you trust most:

1. Dad
2. Mom
3. Heather
4. Kim

3 Choices:

1. Memoirs of a Geisha vs. Hostel, and Narnia vs. King Kong. Narnia and Hostel won.
2. I chose not to buy a new toy today. I'll save it for tomorrow after work. The Aple store is by my work anyway.
3. Sleep in or get up early and eat breakfast. I slept in today. Stomach was growling all through class.

2 Things I Want to do Before I Die:

1. enjoy touring all over the world
2. paint/draw many museum-worthy pieces of art

1 Person I Want To See:

1. Ms. Geer - my fourth grade teacher
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